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Murder She Wrote quotes

Danny Briggs: I've got people to answer to. People who'll peel away my hide if I don't deliver.

Jessica Fletcher: I've got the name of a very good lawyer, and is there anything else you need?
Howard Griffin: How about a pair of pants?

Jessica Fletcher: You made such a point that you wanted to reconstruct the ballet exactly as it had happened, but the film showed the ballerina never touching the skull. You arranged for it so that Lily would *clutch* the skull.
Sfpd Lt. Martin Kinicki: The one with the needles laced with Thallium.
Jessica Fletcher: Puncturing her palms and killing her within a matter of seconds.

Brynie Sullivan: Jess! You're becoming almost cynical enough to survive in this town!

Sheriff Amos Tupper: He's got an arrest sheet as long as a chorus girl's legs.

Retired Lt. Richard Webb: I thought she was playing bedsheet bingo with the boss.

Maxwell Hagen: Robert, you are absolutely right to assume that there are few things in this life that cannot be fixed, but killing a prominent novelist is simply not an acceptable option. (pause) Not for the moment, at least.

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