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Misfits quotes

Nathan Young: I mean, I was there, right? I should have one of these bullshit powers.
Kelly Bailey: You can have mine. Wanna hear what people are thinking about you?
Nathan Young: Not so much, no. I want something good, you know, something from the A-list.

Nathan Young: Can we please stop killing our probation workers?

Simon Bellamy: We could rob a bank.
Nathan Young: Yeah, OK. Let's rob a bank.
Shaun: What's that?
Nathan Young: Nothing.
Shaun: Really? That's funny, innit? Because to me it sounded like you were planning on robbing a bank.
Nathan Young: No, no, no. I said "Let's have a big wa**". Communal masturbation. The old circle jerk.

Nathan Young: What about you, weird kid? Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but you look like a panty sniffer.
Simon Bellamy: I'm not a panty sniffer. I'm not a pervert. I tried to burn someone's house down.

Nathan Young: Yeah so my mum opens the door and she's like 'Ahhhhh' & I'm like 'I'm Immortal!' & then fanted, face plants on the radiator. There's blood and teeth everywhere.
Kelly Bailey: Is she alright?
Nathan Young: Yeah, she's fine. Apart from the whole... face.

Nathan Young: It's not like this situation is backed up by a wa**-load of logic.

Nathan Young: I'm no good at this serious girl stuff, feelings and sh**. I fancy you!
Kelly Bailey: Fanks

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