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Luther quotes

Dsu Rose Teller: So where's the gun? Where's the gun?
Dci John Luther: I don't know
Dsu Rose Teller: Play that again. That was special

Dsu Rose Teller: Want to know the real tragedy about marriage?
Dci John Luther: No, thanks.
Dsu Rose Teller: Women always think men will change, but they don't. Men think women won't change, but they do.

Dci John Luther: Never had an affair before. So - don't know what to do. Is it still called an affair if I'm sleeping with my wife behind her lover's back?

Mark North: This is what I think you should do. You should make a list of the reasons why you married him. And then make another list of the reasons why you left him. And then see if the two lists don't overlap.

Ds Justin Ripley: (enters to see Luther surrounded by a ring of photos on the floor) What's all this?
Dci John Luther: Decoupage, a cut-up technique. Take a bit of text, cut it up, randomize it, make new text. See new patterns
Ds Justin Ripley: Where'd you learn this?
Dci John Luther: David Bowie. It's how he wrote his lyrics
Ds Justin Ripley: You a fan?
Dci John Luther: Don't I look like a fan?
Ds Justin Ripley: Well, songs a bit like "Aliens" & that...
Dci John Luther: There's a bit more to him than "Aliens"; I'll make you a tape
Ds Justin Ripley: a... a what? Sorry, I...

Dsu Rose Teller: So, they won't give us what we want; we can't give them what they want.
Dci John Luther: No; can't give it to them, but we can lend it to 'em.
Dsu Rose Teller: Meaning?
Dci John Luther: Let's visit the evidence safe.
Dsu Rose Teller: Don't wanna hear it.
Dci John Luther: Boss, these are very special circumstances; same rules do not apply.
Dsu Rose Teller: Chain of evidence is like the ten commandments: it applies unto time and all eternal. Anything in the evidence safe is sacrosanct; we tamper, we risk voiding active cases.
Dci John Luther: Only if we get found out.
Dsu Rose Teller: Am I actually having this conversation? Are you actually saying this to me?