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Kidnapped quotes

Knapps Old Friend: That you, Knapp?
Knapp: As long as you don't pull that trigger.

Knapp: So it's like I was saying, someone is putting something in motion. The way I understand it, no one puts anything in motion around here without your say-so.
Man From Cockfight: I don't know anything about it.
Knapp: Yeah, see, here's the thing: I don't have time to play this game, so we're gonna have to go ahead and jump straight to the lightning round, which means every time you say 'I don't know,' (co*** gun) I'm gonna kill you.

Alice Cain: What's a pariah mean?
Jimbo: It means an outcast.
Alice Cain: What's precipitously?
Jimbo: Sudden
Alice Cain: For a guy that knows so many words, you don't say a lot.
Jimbo: What are you reading?
Alice Cain: Slake's Limbo. It's about a boy who goes to live in the subway tunnels of New York. It's Leo's. He gave it to me. Leo knows a lot of words, too. But he's quiet, just like you are.

Ellie Cain: Mr. Knapp. Do you think one of our friends might have something to do with Leo's...
Knapp: Mrs. Cain. Until Leo comes home, you have no friends.

Knapp: You know. It's alright to let it out.
Ellie Cain: Mr. Knapp. I start letting it out. I'm never gonna stop.

Knapp: (Kurso opens a trunk full of guns) That's a lot of ordnance.
Knapps Old Friend: It's all part of my Hugs for Guns program. What can I say? People love hugs.

Ellie Cain: He missed his tutorial.
Conrad Cain: What?
Ellie Cain: His PSAT tutorial. We missed it. Oh god, that's funny. Did I just say "we"? It's like when Aubrey was applying to colleges and I kept saying we were applying. It happens right? I mean. You feel like you're in it with them, and... and they win, you win. They lose... (pause) . We were supposed to start looking at colleges next year.
Conrad Cain: Yeah. We will.
Ellie Cain: What about tomorrow?
Conrad Cain: Tomorrow we have to do it. If we cancel, people will think there's something wrong, and...
Ellie Cain: Something is wrong.

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