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Joey quotes

Nancy: Well, wherever he is, I'm sure Joey Tribaney is kicking himself.
Joey Tribbiani: Tribbiani! Joey Tribbiani is kicking himself!

Michael Tribbiani: Did you know that the laws of physics suggest that the curve ball is actually impossible?
Joey Tribbiani: Why do you have to ruin stuff like that? Huh? The curve ball is impossible. Don't eat that, it's solid mold. That's not a dog, it's a possum. Stop letting it lick your face. Why?

Joey Tribbiani: Did you know that the girl next door was married?
Michael Tribbiani: I can't talk to that girl. Sssshhhe makes my stutter come back.

Joey Tribbiani: It is natural for humans to eat meat, okay? We eat the cows, the cows eat the grass, we mow the grass, which makes us hungry for more cows.

Joey Tribbiani: Welcome to Hollywood Minute. I am name.

Joey Tribbiani: I'm gonna be on the Tonight Show? Oh my God! This is unbelievable. This is like one of those moments I've dreamed of my whole life. The only thing bigger than this would be like, I don't know, making my Oscar speech.
Bobbie Morganstern: (laughs) Oscar? Did you get tasered too?

Joey Tribbiani: Thanks. It's just, when I was a kid, I used to dream about being on the Tonight Show. You know, Johnny Carson would come out and introduce me and I'd come out and he'd say, 'How you doin' Joey?' and I'd say, 'Just great, Johnny' and now that day is finally here. I'm so scared, 'cause...
Michael Tribbiani: Because you're afraid you're gonna say Johnny's name instead of Jay's?
Joey Tribbiani: It could so happen.

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