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Joey quotes

Bobbie Morganstern: (laughing) Oh, Joey. Laughter really is the best medicine, and that story just cleared up my hepatitis. Look, a bad article from this woman could really hurt your career. They go to press in two days, so until then, just give her anything she wants.

Bobbie Morganstern: The super agent. Entertainment Weekly's 12th most powerful woman in Hollywood. (looks at Lauren and laughs) 67! (turns back towards Katie's door) Now Katie, I know you don't want to talk to Joey, but if you can just give me a minute, maybe I can help you out here.

Alex: I mean, would you look at all these suckers out celebrating this Hallmark holiday? My husband and I don't need this kind of thing. Though, a card would've been nice. Or a phone call. Or an e-mail, perhaps. But we spoke on Tuesday. He asked me to gather up his receipts. Tax time's coming!

Joey Tribbiani: Michael, you have to seize this moment. The love between two nerds is a rare and fragile thing.
Michael Tribbiani: I want to. I can't go against the rules without a motion being passed.
Joey Tribbiani: So, I'll make a motion.
Michael Tribbiani: You're not a member. There's an approval process.
Joey Tribbiani: Well, I motion you suspend it on account of me being the sole payer of rent for the book club's headquarters.
Michael Tribbiani: I second the motion. The motion is passed
Joey Tribbiani: I motion for a presidential exemption to the no-dating rule.
Michael Tribbiani: I second the motion. The motion is passed.
Joey Tribbiani: I motion that you and me eat that entire ice cream cake right now.
Michael Tribbiani: Motion denied.
Joey Tribbiani: Mr. Chairman, you're out of order!

Gina Tribbiani: Oh my gosh, you're not going to believe this. The director over there actually thought I was an actress!
Joey Tribbiani: That's because you've got big fake bo*** and you're crazy.

Joey Tribbiani: I just wish I had a regular place where I could go and meet women.
Michael Tribbiani: You could go to bars.
Joey Tribbiani: Nah, I'm getting too old for that. Plus I'm not great at telling whether or not they're gay bars before I go in. Oh by the way, if Ramon calls, I am not here.

Bobbie Morganstern: Ooh there's the fiery Latin heartthrob I took a chance on.
Joey Tribbiani: I'm not Latin, I'm Italian.
Bobbie Morganstern: Italian? Oh no! Italians are out this year. It may be time for you to call in your boy band connections.
Joey Tribbiani: I wasn't in a boy band.
Bobbie Morganstern: I can't catch a break!

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