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Jekyll quotes

Peter Syme: And this is Katherine Reimer, of course, I'm sure Tom's mentioned her.
Katherine Reimer: I've heard a lot about you, Mrs Jackman.
Claire Jackman: I've heard bl**** nothing about you, dear.
Katherine Reimer: I work for your husband.
Claire Jackman: And you dress like that when you work for my husband or do you wear clothes?
Katherine Reimer: I wear clothes.
Claire Jackman: Does he notice?
Katherine Reimer: Half the time.

Miranda: Um, what has Tom told you about his parents?
Claire Jackman: He was fostered. His mother abandoned him.
Peter Syme: On a railway platform in Belfast in 1967, six months after he was born.
Miranda: I don't believe that.
Peter Syme: You don't think he was abandoned?
Miranda: I don't think he was born.

Hyde: I said - Are you threatening my family?
Benjamin: (to telephone) Excuse me for a moment. (to Hyde) Yeah. I am. Explicitly, and directly, and emphatically threatening the lives of Doctor Jackman's family.
Hyde: (grins) That's all I wanted to know. (Cuts Benjamin's throat. Soothingly:) There now, Benjamin. It'll be over in a moment. It's all right. Hush now. Count backwards from ten.

Dr. Tom Jackman: I'll fight him.
Sophia: You can't.
Dr. Tom Jackman: I won't ever stop fighting him.
Sophia: Then he will kill you.
Dr. Tom Jackman: Then I won't die.

Dr. Tom Jackman: So, since when have you been an animal lover?
Peter Syme: I hunt every summer.
Dr. Tom Jackman: That's not exactly loving them, is it? That's more shooting them.
Peter Syme: Well, it's a brief relationship.

Benjamin: (interrupts Hyde in the middle of a sex act) I hope I didn't catch you in the middle of someone?

Dr. Tom Jackman: What's wrong?
Katherine Reimer: Sorry. Jumpy today. It's nothing.
Dr. Tom Jackman: That time of the month?
Katherine Reimer: Bit rich, coming from the wolfman.

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