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It's Like You Know... quotes

Shrug: Did you tell him about me?
Robbie Graham: You mean how you lost your hair?
Shrug: And...?
Robbie Graham: I'm kind of wondering about that myself.
Shrug: (pause) Stress!

Arthur Garment: No! He was not LITERALLY strangled with options. I'm sick of people misusing that word; how can you LITERALLY be strangled with options?

Jennifer Grey: Critics look at actresses one of two ways: you're either bankable or boinkable.

Man On Plane: Hey, you're blocking my vision.
Arthur Garment: I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were HAVING a vision.

Arthur Garment: You know, you look different somehow.
Jennifer Grey: Well, you see a movie ten years ago...
Arthur Garment: I saw it just recently.
Jennifer Grey: ...on a small TV screen...
Arthur Garment: This was a revival. Huge movie screen.
Jennifer Grey: ...sitting so far back...
Arthur Garment: Front row. Right up close.
Jennifer Grey: NOSE JOB!
Arthur Garment: Oh... Just one?

Jennifer Grey: I hate people who pronounce it "vunerable." And you can't correct them because they're so vulnerable.