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Hustle quotes

Danny Blue: OK, I screwed up, yeah.
Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: What did you learn? In a sentence.
Danny Blue: Do it by the book.
Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Screw up again, Danny and I'll have it tattooed on your ar**.

Albert Stroller: (Speaking of his departed friend Gilda Stewart) Poor ba*****, died of a stroke in a dental surgery.
Michael 'Mickey Bricks' Stone: Well, someone should sue them.
Albert Stroller: Nah, he was pretending to be the dentist.

Albert Stroller: Maybe there is no destination in life - the journey is everything.

Danny Blue: I mean, I may not be the most attractive man in the world, I'll grant you that, but what I've got... is twinkle

Albert Stroller: So Henderson issued a challenge.
Mickey Stone: Which was?
Albert Stroller: The truest test of a grifter's skill. They were both dropped off in the middle of New York at noon... naked.
Mickey Stone: (Stunned) What?
Stacie Monroe: Naked?
Albert Stroller: ...As the day they were born. Henderson and Devlan agreed to meet that very evening at six pm to compare spoils and see who had accumulated the most.
Danny Blue: That's brilliant. That's brilliant! Let's do it!
Mickey Stone: (Trails off from laughing) Oh God, he's serious.

Adam Rice: So, how many jumps have you done?
Mickey Stone: A few.
Adam Rice: What about you, Danny?
Danny Blue: (Clearly terrified) Oh, God!!!
Mickey Stone: (Smiles awkwardly) He's quite new.

Danny Blue: Look, just promise you won't tell, ok?
Stacie Monroe: Aww... I won't.
Stacie Monroe: (She shouts over to Eddie) Hey Eddie! Danny pays for sex!

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