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Human Target quotes

Guerrero: (Winston enters office to find Guerrero sitting at his desk) Hey dude.
Winston: Breaking and entering is a crime, you know.
Guerrero: Yeah, it's good to see you too, Winston. It's been a while.
Winston: Oh, not long enough. What are you doing in my office? And what the hell are you doing on my computer?
Guerrero: I'm checking out the contents of Mark Hoffer's hard drive. I'm sure it's mostly personal.
Winston: Do I want to know how you came about it?
Guerrero: Editor at the paper owes me. A couple of years ago a gas company hired a guy to hassle him over a story he was working. It got nasty. I got him out of it.
Winston: How?
Guerrero: I decided to stop hassling him.

Winston: Did the hooker just punch you in the face?

Layla: It was fun.
Guerrero: It was fun?
Layla: Yeah.
Guerrero: That's just the adrenaline in your system. You're gonna crash later. *This* line of work, there is nothing worse than the highs and lows. Nothing's ever what you think it is. Nothing's ever over.

Winston: Yeah, listen about (jerks his head Emma) . I saw the way you were looking at her at the embassy...
Christopher Chance: Okay, this is all in you head
Winston: Sure it is listen, all I hope that this women has the good sense to keep you at arms length and treats this case with the same kind objectivity, oh dear god (seeing Emma investigation board on Chris)

Christopher Chance: That sounds like a "Tomorrow Problem."

Eddie Dunn: Is he saying I'm dumb?
Guerrero: Of course not.
Eddie Dunn: I'm not dumb.
Guerrero: Your headphones are on backwards.

Guerrero: (commenting on Emma investigation board on Chris) It's like a teenage girl locker. That's real heavy on the chin dont'cha think (regarding the sketch artist profile of Chris)

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