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House M.D. quotes

Dr. Gregory House: (to the lawyer after some flames come out of the patient's stomach during surgery) That always happens during surgery. It's just the gas build up. Nothing to sue about. Treat him for the burns. Anti-Biotics for the wipples. He'll be fine.

Dr. Lisa Cuddy: It's not gonna work. You know why? Because this is fun. You think of something to make me miserable, I think of something to make you miserable... It's a game, and I'm gonna win, because I got a head start: You are already miserable.

Dr. Eric Foreman: Rita, the spike in Dr. Hadley's IV bag wasn't pushed in all the way. Don't want any dosing errors.
Nurse Rita: Sorry. It won't happen again... Stinks doesn't it?
Dr. Eric Foreman: What?
Nurse Rita: The medication, when we switch out the bags, you can smell it. It's disgusting.
Dr. Eric Foreman: I didn't smell anything.
Nurse Rita: Oh. She must be on the placebo then.

Dr. Gregory House: I knew about her body butter, and his strawberry allergy. I tried to kill Chase. Why would I do that? I don't want Cameron.
Dr. Amber Volakis: You're not a big fan of other people's happiness.

Dr. James Wilson: Oh House, please. I assume you went because you're tired of sc****** up every chance you have at happiness.
Dr. Gregory House: (Holding up his cellphone) Delete contact.
Dr. James Wilson: Do not let the fact that I found out about it...
Dr. Gregory House: Don't beat yourself up. I'm not going back because it doesn't work.
Dr. James Wilson: You'll end up alone.

Jack Moriarty: I don't wanna hear semantics.
Dr. Gregory House: You anti-semantic ba*****!

Dr. James Wilson: Hey. I can't believe I'm about to say this... Sam...
Dr. Gregory House: Told you so.
Dr. James Wilson: No. She didn't dump me. She wants to get to know you better.
Dr. Gregory House: da** it! Never should have let her see me naked.
Dr. James Wilson: It goes against all my instincts. But I said all right.

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