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Homicide Life on the Street quotes

Lt. Al 'Gee' Giardello: Oh, I get it. You don't feel anything at all. You're the type of guy that two weeks from now, you'll be stopped at a traffic light and all this will hit you and when it hits, it'll hit hard. It'll hit you so hard that your heart will burst into a hundred pieces.

Det. John Munch: The Zapruder film's out on VHS and DVD, as if there's a choice.
Billie Lou Hatfield: DVD, definitely. Gotta have that freeze frame, stop action, enhancement capability.
Det. John Munch: One night after work, we should open a bottle of zinfandel and watch the Zapruder film frame by frame and see which ones are missing.
Billie Lou Hatfield: Twenty-six seconds of the most compelling footage ever filmed.
Det. John Munch: The woman of my dreams.

Det. John Munch: You haven't experienced the Giardello summons, yet? The full force laser beam G-ray: strips varnish off furniture, enamel off teeth?

Det. John Munch: (at the end of canceling a date with Lewis) Let's keep our relationship professional?
Det. Meldrick Lewis: (pretending to be distracted from reading his newspaper) Strictly professional. (Sheppard leaves; Lewis tosses the newspaper in the air and crosses the room to Munch, incredulous) You hear that? Huh? Did you hear that?
Det. John Munch: You ever considered dating a prostitute?
Det. Meldrick Lewis: No. Why?
Det. John Munch: Well, a prostitute is a professional, right? That way, you can keep the relationship professional and still get laid.

Det. Meldrick Lewis: Have you *seen* her?
Det. John Munch: Who?
Det. Meldrick Lewis: Wu.
Det. John Munch: Why?
Det. Meldrick Lewis: (shouts) Whoah!
Det. John Munch: Wu?
Det. Meldrick Lewis: Woo-hoooo!

Det. John Munch: We're gonna neutron this little ba*****!

Det. Frank Pembleton: You said summer was hell.
Det. Tim Bayliss: Well... it was.
Det. Frank Pembleton: It's all mind over matter, Bayliss.
Det. Tim Bayliss: No, no, it's more than mind over matter. I know my mind and my mind remembers my as* melting into the tops of my shoes, all right? Summer was hell.
Det. Frank Pembleton: There's no humidity in hell.
Det. Tim Bayliss: What, you do a field report?
Det. Frank Pembleton: By all reliable accounts, there's not a single drop of water to pass between heaven and hell. Hell is a dry heat.
Det. Tim Bayliss: Oh. Well, book me a flight.

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