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Hercules The Legendary Journeys quotes

Paul Robert Coyle: There's something really funny going on around here.
Liz Friedman: Not in this episode, there isn't.

Ares: And I've always wanted to say this, but... you will never work in this town again!
Norma Bates: Let's go!
B.S. Hollingfoffer, Studio Head: You haven't seen the last of me! Wherever there is television, there will always be B.S!
Kevin Sorbo: (sotto voce) You got that right!

Hercules: This is one big web site.

Thor: What are you doing here?
Hercules: Looks like I'm saving your life.
Thor: Leave me alone!
Hercules: No, no, please don't bother to thank me. Just the sight of your cheerful face is all the reward I need.
Thor: These chains were forged by Odin himself. No god of Asgard can break them.
Hercules: Well, looks like a half-god from Greece can.

Hercules: What are you doing here?
Iolaus Ii: What do you mean?
Hercules: Iolaus, you're dead.
Iolaus Ii: Yeah, well, I was kinda hoping you wouldn't notice.

Iolaus Ii: What in Tartarus is that?
Hercules: It's some sort of cocoon.
Iolaus Ii: What for? A giant butterfly?
Hercules: Somehow I don't think it's going to turn out to be that friendly. (scream is heard offstage)
Iolaus Ii: How come you're always right?
Hercules: It's a half-god thing.

Hercules: Rumor has it that Otis stole it from a warlord who had stolen it from someone else.
Autolycus: So much for honor among thieves; gives us all a bad name.

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