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Grey's Anatomy quotes

Dr. Meredith Grey: You think I want to be here? I swam. I fought. Hard. The water was cold.
Denny Duquette: Alright, but that thing in the tub. What was that?
Dr. Meredith Grey: It wasn't anything! It was... You see me in the tub?
Denny Duquette: I do *not* see women in the bathtub. I *wish* I saw wo - We know things.

Dr. Richard Webber: You have your dress for the prom?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Excuse me?
Dr. Richard Webber: I'm going to the prom. If I have to go, *everybody* has to go.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Wha - I'm a grown woman.
Dr. Richard Webber: (announcing to the room in general) Everybody goes to the prom! Everybody!

Dr. Callie Torres: We're all seventeen, Finn. It's high school with scalpels.

Lloyd Mackie: Liver cancer will kill me, smoking will just speed up the process.

Dr. Miranda Bailey: (Bailey and Meredith meet Dr. Kent, the sub attending from Mercy West, on Thanksgiving) Dr Kent?
Dr Kent: Yes?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: I'm the surgical resident assisting you today. I know you're subbing in from Mercy West, so if there's anything I can do to help you ...
Dr Kent: Look I'm only here for one day and I don't need my as* kissed. All I need is to tell you what to do and you do it. And I don't like mistakes.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: I don't make mistakes
Dr Kent: Whatever, there's only one resident I want in my OR; a guy they call The na**. Do you know him?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: The na**? (Bailey herself is the na**)
Dr Kent: He gets a great word of mouth, stellar rep, ba*** the size of Texas?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: That big? Sounds like an impressively talented man, this 'na**.'
Dr Kent: Do you know him or not?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Never heard of him but I'll be sure to keep an eye out.
Dr Kent: For now you can work on smaller cases. A guy just came in to curtain 3. Page me if you get confused.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: I'll be sure to do that. (to Meredith, as Dr. Kent walks away) Like I said the stupidity of the human race.

Dr. Meredith Grey: You realize this constitutes hugging?
Dr. Cristina Yang: Shut up... I'm your person.

Izzie: Eat the muffin, Mer. Taste the muffin. Remember. The muffin.

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