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Fruits Basket quotes

Ayame: Fear not, Yuki. I may smile in the face of adversity, but I'm no stranger to the hard work and dedication required to overcome it. After all, without years of diligent effort I'd hardly be the extraordinary person you see before you today.

Ritsu: I am so, so sorry. I can't seem to go anywhere without causing problems for everyone around me. I'm just a born troublemaker, I suppose. It's true. I'm so worthless I can't carry a paper bag. I don't deserve to share the same air with the rest of the human race. I'm a blemish on the face of the world. What was I thinking? A low-life like me should never have come to visit Shigure.

Woman'S Voice: What was he thinking, adopting a boy cursed by the cat?

Tohru Honda: (to herself) So Yuki wants to be like Kyo and Kyo wishes he could be more like Yuki. So why is it that even though they both secretly admire each other it just pushes them farther apart?

Kyoko Honda: Tohru, Tohru. You've got a fever again. You don't have to push your self so hard. You don't have do things the way I did. You can just be your self, do things your own way, one step at a time. You'll get there, I promise. Just be your self, you'll be fine.

Yuki Sohma: Since when do we have a rice cooker?
Tohru Honda: I found it in the trash.

Kyo Sohma: Hiro, what're you doin' out here?
Hiro Sohma: Why? Do I need a permit or somethin'? Do I have to have a reason to be here? Maybe I'm just sittin' here 'cause I want to - or is that some kinda crime?

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