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Fringe quotes

Olivia Dunham: Walter, what's the Bible for?
Walter Bishop: Well, you're taking untested psychedelics, lying in saline with an electric charge in the base of your cranium. Among other things, I thought it appropriate to pray you don't get electrocuted.
Olivia Dunham: Praise the Lord.
Walter Bishop: Amen.

Dr. Walter Bishop: I was worried when you were taken, too.
Agent Olivia Dunham: Thank you, Walter.
Dr. Walter Bishop: Not as much as him, of course.
Peter Bishop: Walter.

Dr. Walter Bishop: They (pause) they have this horrible (pause) pudding here. Butterscotch pudding on Mondays, it's dreadful.
Agent Olivia Dunham: It's Thursday
Dr. Walter Bishop: Oh (pause) oh, that's fantastic news.

Peter Bishop: Ready?
Peter Bishop: No. You?
Peter Bishop: No. (holds out his hand for Olivia to take and smiles) Don't say I never took you anywhere.

Peter Bishop: (to Olivia) You're talking about a man who infects people with giant viruses. If you hadn't escaped, who knows what they would have done to you. Listen to me, you just told him that you killed his wife. He said that to you to try to get a reaction out of you. To get to you. Let it go. You got his confession. Go home.
Walter Bishop: I was worried too. When you were taken.
Olivia Dunham: Thank you, Walter.
Walter Bishop: (looking at Peter) Not as much as him, of course.

Peter Bishop: I'm not your problem. Peter Bishop is.

Dr. Walter Bishop: (looking through the glass at the interrogation in the other room) This is wonderful, don't you agree? It's just like a good detective movie.

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