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Flashpoint quotes

Sgt. Gregory Parker: (to an SRU member forced to shoot someone in the line of duty) We have a saying here: just because you do right doesn't mean you get to feel right.

Donna Sabine: Wordy, in what universe is it fair that we protect *that* (referring to a serial killer) - and you take a bullet for it?
Kevin Wordsworth: If you've got an answer, I'd love to hear it. My wife Shelley's gonna ask me that in three hours.
Donna Sabine: When you think of your daughters now, what do you want to do to him?
Kevin Wordsworth: I guess, uh... When I go home tonight and I hold my baby girl, it's got to be with clean hands.

Ed Lane: Don't handbook me, dude!

Ed Lane: (to Sam) Look, there's something I need you to do. Alright, see these stairs here, where we came in, right? I need you to do reverse entry, across this hallway to these doors here. I need you to go through, now be careful because that is a big road. I want you to cross. I want you to make an entry into this Timmy's (Tim Horton's coffee shop) . I'll have a double- double (shorthand for a two cream-two, sugar coffee) . Jules?
Jules Callaghan: Cream, no sugar.
Ed Lane: Spike?
Mike Scarlatti: Nah, I'm good.
Sam Braddock: You serious? (scowls, knowing he's been had, and leaves)

Sgt. Gregory Parker: We're going to talk this girl down. Jules, I want you to do it.
Jules Callaghan: Oh, Sarge, if you're right, this girl's been in here like, eight years. We're dealing with some serious Stockholm Syndrome. She probably doesn't even know who she is anymore.
Sgt. Gregory Parker: I know, and my bet he's conditioned her to fear the police and that's why she's firing. Now, you're gonna to be fine. This girl has spent eight years in captivity at the hands of a man. What she needs now is a female voice.
Jules Callaghan: All right, but we're starting at ground zero. I mean, I... I don't know if I know how to do this.
Sgt. Gregory Parker: All right, I'm coming in.
Jules Callaghan: Okay, wait. Can you help me with the Stockholm?
Sgt. Gregory Parker: Yeah. Now, the first thing to remember: there will be nothing simple about her feelings for her captor. Just follow the same rules as always: connect, respect,
Jules Callaghan: Protect. Okay.
Sgt. Gregory Parker: Okay, you just keep it simple. By now, Penny's got a belief system that has helped her survive whatever it is she survived. And it's not your job to tear that down. It's your job to get these two girls out of there safely. Okay? And I'm gonna stay right here and be your second inside your ear the whole time, all right?

Dr. Larry Toth: Now some word association...
Jules Callaghan: Stream of consciousness.
Dr. Larry Toth: That's right!
Jules Callaghan: That's left.
Dr. Larry Toth: You started without me.
Jules Callaghan: Try to keep up.

Jules Callaghan: I'm gonna to step closer so you can hear me better. I'm stepping closer.
Jules Callaghan: Good. So, thanks for not jumping. Are you thinking you might?
Jules Callaghan: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. You know, I've never seen somebody who's ready to die put up such an awesome fight to stay alive.

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