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FlashForward quotes

Charlie Benford: D. Gibbons is a bad man...

Agent Janis Hawk: How can I have faith in something I'm not even sure is real?
Agent Mark Benford: Then you've got a problem... because that's what faith is.

Simon Campos: I never get pushed around, and I always get even.

Agent Mark Benford: Demetri! Demetri!

Zoey Andata: Are you guys Gitmo-ing a suspect downtown?
Agent Demetri Noh: ...No.
Zoey Andata: Some blonde? Arrested the day of the blackout? Bin Laden in Prada?
Agent Demetri Noh: I can't confirm or deny this, so...
Zoey Andata: I think you just did, sweetie.
Agent Demetri Noh: Wow...
Zoey Andata: Look - professionally, if the Bureau's violating someone's due process, that's uncool. But personally, if that woman has anything to do with the blackout, I really hope you're getting all di** Cheney on her as* to find out what she knows.

Simon Campos: I know what caused the flash-forwards... You don't believe me.
Camille: Well, of course I do. The world's greatest mystery's been solved by a boozer on a train bound for Los Angeles.
Simon Campos: (points to her cellphone) Can you connect to the Internet with that? Real quick, do an image search for "Quantum Physicist Genius". Go on; I'll wait... Which came up first, me winning the Robert Wilson award or the jaunty one of me holding lab goggles over my genitals?
Camille: (stunned to see the second image pop up) Hold up - you really...
Simon Campos: I'm obviously wasting my time.
Camille: I'm sorry; I've just heard that line a hundred times before.
Simon Campos: Do you really want to know?
Camille: Of course.
Simon Campos: The flash-forwards were caused by you. It's simple quantum mechanics, really. Whenever a heavenly body carries such an intense force of attraction, the universe just goes... bananas.
Camille: (vaguely amused) Sounds technical.
Simon Campos: Helps if you have a Ph.D. or two. If my calculations are correct, your dark energy can bring about another catastrophe at any moment.

Simon Campos: Are you aware of the Double Slit Experiment? ?
Camille: Well, there was that one time in college...
Simon Campos: What about Schrodinger's cat?
Camille: No, I'm not that kinky.

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