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Fairly Legal quotes

Ben Grogan: You and I may have different methods, but we both know how to get what we want, and you can call that being passionate or you can call that being a dogged jackass. But you can't call it empty. I am not empty.

Kate Reed: You know... You and I are very different people. But you are exactly what I need right now. Someone... Who's not gonna mind if I use them. That's your gift, right? Not caring? Being empty? The Russian doll. Stay.

Kate Reed: I do hate lawyers. But I am one, and I have to keep finding ways to make that work.

Ben Grogan: Well, I happened, lady! And guess what? The circus is coming to town!

Ben Grogan: Lauren, Robin Archer doesn't ever actually show up; he sends his team.
Lauren Reed: Whatever, he's just a man.
Ben Grogan: Are you hiding in my office?
Lauren Reed: I am letting *him* wait for *me*. (Looking at watch) Two more minutes.
Ben Grogan: His watch is made out of the Dalai Lama's baby teeth, they call it "human ivory." I made that up, but we're (signals air quotes ) "killing time." He doesn't actually wear a watch. I do know a lot about the guy.

Kate Reed: You know, you wondered what would've happened if we'd gone home together.
Ben Grogan: Yeah.
Kate Reed: Was it everything you hoped for?
Ben Grogan: Yeah, this is exactly how I imagined it. You're miserable, and I have to pee.

Ben Grogan: He said a lot of things. You know, for someone that doesn't like lawyers, you totally rocked it, Katie. You got the goose to lay the golden egg. Maybe we are alike.

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