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Emma quotes

Mr. Knightley: (about Mr. Elton) That man is so full of himself, I'm surprised that he can stay on that horse.

Emma Woodhouse: (helping Harriet understand Mr. Elton's riddle) Well look here, "The wealth and pomp of kings." Kings. What does that suggest? (Harriet stares blankly at the page) (prompting) Perhaps court. And "the monarch of the seas." Seas? (Harriet looks at her confused) (prompting) Maybe a ship.
Harriet Smith: Ship? Court? Shipcourt!

Mr. Elton: As always, I would like to begin today with some of the most spiritually uplifting word from the Old Testament; words that I have found most comforting. "Let deceitful lips be made dumb."

Mr. Knightley: (of Frank) He doesn't come here for 20 years and then disappears for a day.
Emma Woodhouse: He had important business. (pause while Mr. Knightley looks at her quizzically) He's gone to London to have his hair cut.
Mr. Knightley: His hair cut? Imperative business indeed.

Emma Woodhouse: (runs into Mr. Knightly's library) You know I love you. I always will, but we can never marry. That's all! (runs out again)

Emma Woodhouse: (of Mr. Elton) He always was a small man. Made smaller by his wife.

Frank Churchill: (about Jane) Look at her, an angel sent to Earth for me.
Emma Woodhouse: Then be sure to treat her right.
Frank Churchill: I can't promise to always be serious, but I can promise that.

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