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Emergency quotes

Fireman Roy Desoto: (from off screen) Hey Johnny. You wanna hand me this other air bottle?

Paramedic John Gage: What for? It'll just ruin the re-run for me next summer.

Dr. Kelly Brackett: (while operating on a goat) Clamp off that bleeder.
Dr. Joe Early: This one?
Dr. Kelly Brackett: What did you do, sleep through your animal medicine?

Dr. Joe Early: (Talking to Brackett after Gage and DeSoto were forced to treat victims on their own, after Dixie was injured) That woman with the busted fibula, she's coming out of shock now. She might have stayed there if it hadn't been for those two ninety-day Kildares. I looked over Ferguson's shoulder in the cast-room, the immobilization of that guy with the broken legs. Pete could have phoned it in. No distal blood problems, a piece of cake. And then there was Dixie. I don't know, Kell... Dixie might be in a sliding door in the cold room if those two hose-jockeys hadn't known what they were doing out there. Call it their internship. I know I thought I knew it all when they handed me a diploma. They made the same mistake about that nameplate we pinned on them. (turns to leave) One things sure, isn't it? The program *really* works.

Dr. Varner: (On radio, to Gage) Give him 10 milligrams MSIV (morphine sulfate IV) .
Firefighter: Uh, Rampart, confirm that last medication? Ten milligrams, MSIV.?
Dr. Varner: That's correct. (to Nurse McCall) What's the matter with those firemen?
Nurse Dixie Mccall: Doctor, the patient has a head injury. (to Gage) 51, stand by on that last instruction.
Firefighter: 10-4.
Dr. Varner: Right you are. (to Gage) Cancel the MS for now. Let me know if the pain becomes severe.
Firefighter: 10-4. Cancel MS.
Dr. Varner: Thank you, Nurse. That's two I owe you.
Nurse Dixie Mccall: I'll send you a bill.

Fireman Roy Desoto: (Reading results of inspection) OK. Item number 12. All the alleyways should be a minimum of ten feet width. All right? Number 13. There are several piles of accumulated combustibles around your yard here. Item 14. All acetalyne bottles should be stored in an upright position. Now uh... (cut off by Junkyard Owner)

Paramedic Roy Desoto: What'd you say that I said that you said?
Fireman Chet Kelly: That your partner here is a nut.
Paramedic John Gage: Aha! aha, aha.
Paramedic Roy Desoto: What about it?
Paramedic John Gage: You admit it?
Paramedic Roy Desoto: That you're some kind of nut? Yeah, I said it, so what? You're a nut, but you're a friendly kind of nut.
Paramedic John Gage: Oh, that's a heck of a thing to say about someone you work every shift with!

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