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Downton Abbey quotes

Matthew Crawley: The question is, what do I say to Cousin Violet?
Crawley, Earl Of Grantham: Oh, don't worry about that. I can handle her.
Dowager Countess Of Grantham: (Violet enters the room) Really? Well if you can, you must have learned to *very* recently.

Dowager Countess Of Grantham: (to Mrs. Crawley when they realize Mary will not take Matthew despite the fact that he remains the heir to the title and estate) Your quarrel is with my daughter, Rosamund, and not with me. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anna: Ethel said you wanted me.
Molesley: (diffidently) No, no. I just need a word with you.
Anna: If it's about that book, I'm afraid...
Molesley: No, no, it's not about the book.
Anna: What is it then?
Molesley: I understand that Mr Bates has gone... for good.
Anna: Yes, I believe that's true.
Molesley: So I was hoping... we might be able to see a little more of each other.
Anna: Mr Molesley, I take this as a real compliment...
Molesley: But it's not going to happen?
Anna: No. You see, if you had a child, and that child was taken from you, if the child was sent to the moon, there'd never be one day when they were out of your thoughts, nor one moment when you weren't praying for their welfare, even if you knew you'd never see them again.
Molesley: That's you and Mr Bates?
Anna: That's me and Mr Bates. But thank you.

Sarah O'Brien: I'm sorry but *I* have standards. And if anyone thinks I'm going to pull my forelock and curtsey to this Mister Nobody from Nowhere...
Cora, Countess Of Grantham: O'Brien! Were you discussing Mr Crawley?
Sarah O'Brien: Yes, My Lady.
Cora, Countess Of Grantham: Is it your place to do so?
Sarah O'Brien: I've got my opinions, My Lady, same as anybody.
Mrs. Hughes: Can I help Your Ladyship?
Cora, Countess Of Grantham: (to Mrs Hughes) This is the button that's missing from my new evening coat. I found it lying on the gravel. But I was shocked at the talk I heard as I came in.
Cora, Countess Of Grantham: (to O'Brien) Mr Crawley is His Lordship's cousin and heir. You *will*, therefore, please accord him the respect that he is entitled to.
Sarah O'Brien: But you don't like him yourself, My Lady. You never wanted him to come...
Cora, Countess Of Grantham: You're sailing *perilously* close to the wind, O'Brien. If we're to be friends, you will *not* speak in that way again about the Crawleys, or *any* member of Lord Grantham's family. Now I'm going up to rest. Wake me at the dressing gong.
Thomas: I don't think that's fair - not here in the Servants' Hall.
Sarah O'Brien: I agree. If she was a *real* lady, she wouldn't have come down here. She'd have rung for me and given me the button, that's all.
Thomas: This isn't her territory. We can say what we like down here.
Mrs. Hughes: Who says?
Thomas: The Law - and Parliament. There *is* such a thing as free speech.
Mrs. Hughes: Not when *I'm* in charge! Don't push your luck, Thomas. Now, tea's over. Back to work!
Sarah O'Brien: Friends! Who does she think she's fooling. *We're* not friends.
Anna: No?
Sarah O'Brien: No. And you're not friends with the girls, neither. We're servants, you and me, and they pay us to do as we're told. That's all.

Anna: (to John Bates) I know only that I am now who I was meant to be.

Isobel Crawley: (to Cora) It would be foolish to accuse you of being unprofessional since you've never had a profession in your life.

Matthew Crawley: It's from Lord Grantham.
Isobel Crawley: Really? What on earth does he want?
Matthew Crawley: He wants to change our lives.

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