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Doctor Who quotes

The Doctor: (Prisoner Zero is disguised as the Doctor) Well, that's rubbish. Who's that supposed to be?
Rory Williams: It's you.
The Doctor: Me? (looks down) Is that what I look like?
Rory Williams: You don't know?
The Doctor: Busy day! Why me, though? You're linked with her. Why are you copying me?
Young Amy: (Prisoner Zero version) I'm not (appears from behind the fake Doctor) Poor Amy Pond. Still such a child inside. Dreaming of the magic Doctor she knows will return to save her. What a disappointment you've been
The Doctor: No. She's dreaming about me cos she can still hear me!

Davros: But you promised me, Dalek Caan. Why did you not foresee this?
The Doctor: Oh, I think he did. Something's been manipulating the time lines for ages, getting Donna Noble to the right place at the right time...
Dalek Caan: This would always have happened. I only helped Doctor.
Davros: (shocked) You betrayed the Daleks?
Dalek Caan: I *saw* the Daleks. What we have done throughout time and space. I saw the truth of us, creator, and I decreed: No more!

Cassandra (In Rose'S Body): Oh my God... I'm a Chav!

The Doctor: (as Sycorax Leader celebrates cutting The Doctor's hand off) You cut my hand off! And now I know what sort of man I am. I'm lucky, because quite by chance, I'm still within the first 15 hours of my regeneration cycle, which means I have just enough residual cellular energy to do this.
Sycorax Leader: Witchcraft?
The Doctor: Time Lord!

The Doctor: Ah, you've got a little shop. I like a little shop!

Adam Mitchell: Van Statten has agents all over the world looking for geniuses to recruit.
Rose Tyler: Oh right, you're a genius?
Adam Mitchell: Sorry, but yeah. I can't help it. I was born clever. When I was eight I logged onto the US Defence System, nearly caused World War Three.
Rose Tyler: What? And that's funny is it?
Adam Mitchell: Well, you shoulda been there. Just to see them running about... Fantastic!

Rose Tyler: (entering the TARDIS) According to the paper they've elected a ghost as MP for Leeds. Now don't tell me you're going to sit back and do nothing.
The Doctor: (in a funny voice) Who ya gonna call!
Rose Tyler: Ghostbusters!
The Doctor: I ain't afraid of no ghost!

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