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Digimon Digital Monsters quotes

Izzy Izumi: All you need to know, whether you like it or not.

Arukenimon: I'll be back to destroy you in a minute.
Mummymon: Yeah, ditto that.
Davis: Destiny Stones can break my bones, but you guys are real losers.

Warumonzaemon: Well, you see, Lord Machinedramon, it's actually a pretty funny story...
Machinedramon: Stop stalling and tell me what happened, WaruMonzaemon. That is, while you are still able to talk.
Warumonzaemon: Yes, your metalness. You see, I found the digidestined.
Machinedramon: They were in your area?
Warumonzaemon: Yes, and I was going to capture them for you, too, but this one little girl was really strong, and then the Numemon were fighting me and it hurt pretty bad and...
Machinedramon: Enough! If you thought that puny little girl was tough, wait till I get through with you. Why didn't you alert me, you two-bit carnival prize?
Warumonzaemon: I wanted to tell you sooner, but they wounded me. Look at my owies... and boo-boos...

Gennai: You must never forget that you are the Digidestend.
Joe: I'll never forget this stomachache.

Puppetmon: (dying) Cherrymon... what is it that those kids have... that I don't?
Cherrymon: Friends.

Sora Takenouchi: Tell me how you like your eggs and I'll do the best I can.
Joe: I prefer my eggs to be covered in salt and pepper, but I guess it doesn't really matter.
Tai Kamiya: I like soy sauce.
Matt Ishida: How about salsa?
Sora Takenouchi: How about a reality check?
Izzy Izumi: I'll have mine with mustard and jellybeans, please.
Tai Kamiya: Oh, gross!
T.K.: Jellybeans. That sounds good.
Mimi: What? You're all weird! My favorite is eggs covered in maple syrup! Sometimes I like to eat them with cherries on top!
Tai Kamiya: Now that's weird!
T.K.: But I bet it's good.
Joe: You guys are completely making me lose my appetite! I mean, come on. Jellybeans and cherries on eggs? That's just crazy talk! Salt and pepper is all they need. Keep it simple. That's always been my motto.

Joe: He made them all disappear.
Tentomon: Well, at least he didn't saw them in half.

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