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Dangerous Assignment quotes

Steve Mitchell: Yeah, danger is my assignment. I get sent to a lot of places I can't even pronounce. They all spell the same thing, though - trouble.

Steve Mitchell: You say, "If Hartley killed Burego..." Do you think it was a frame?
Commissioner: I'm sending you down there to do my thinking for me.

Commissioner: So Lieutenant Aboora and his men arrived in the nick of time?
Steve Mitchell: Couldn't have been any nickier.

Steve Mitchell: And Senor Valdez tells me that the early returns on the election show that the minority... is still the minority.

Manca: Thank you.
Steve Mitchell: You're welcome. How are you, Manca?
Manca: That voice... let me see, it was Leipzig wasn't it?
Steve Mitchell: Sharp as ever aren't you, Manca?
Manca: An American connotation... Steve Mitchell! Still chasing the Holy Grail, Mitchell?
Steve Mitchell: No, I'm spending most of my time stepping on slimy things that crawl out from under rocks.

Steve Mitchell: What's going on? Well, maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but maybe you can make a cat out of him.