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Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion quotes

Lelouch: (is about to leave and heads for the door; it opens to reveal Kaguya) You're Sumeragi's.
Kaguya Sumeragi: Thank goodness I made it in time! That was so mean of you, the way you headed off to battle without me. I've been a huge fan of yours ever since your big debut! I was hoping that I'd finally get to talk to you.
Kaguya Sumeragi: Wow, you're really tall, aren't you? Don't worry though, I'll catch up with you pretty soon.
Diethard: L-Lady Kaguya! I thought the heads of the Six Houses remained in Fuji.
Kaguya Sumeragi: I followed after you! So I could watch my future husband fight.
Diethard, C.C.: Huh?
Lelouch: Don't joke around.
Kaguya Sumeragi: Well, once you win this battle you'll eventually need a wife, won't you? I mean, I know your identity is a big secret and all, but you're gonna need somebody as your public face, right?
Lelouch: Really? You believe we're going to win this battle?
Kaguya Sumeragi: Of course! I am the goddess of victory, after all.
Lelouch: I'd be lucky to have you, then. Unfortunately, I've already made a contract with the Devil.
Kaguya Sumeragi: Huh?
C.C.: (blinks)
Lelouch: I have no room in my life for deities right now. (he and C.C. exit past Kaguya)

Jeremiah: You handled His Highness's memorial program very well. A little too weepy for my tastes, but...
Diethard: Yes, well, the masses tend to like tearjerkers, Your Excellency.
Jeremiah: Spoken like a true TV man. Still, I have to acknowledge the finesse you've shown. You did well in the short time you had. One would almost think you were expecting His Highness to meet his untimely end.
Diethard: (bows) It's quite common for memorial programs to be set in advance for important people.
Jeremiah: Does that include me as well?
Diethard: Recent events may have bumped you up the list a bit, Your Excellency.
Jeremiah: I wasn't deemed important enough till now, is that it? How forthright of you.
Diethard: I'm afraid so, sir.
Jeremiah: Ever thought of enlisting? The army could use more men like you.
Diethard: I don't think it would be a very good fit. Not really my cup of tea.
Jeremiah: You prefer the civil sector, I take it.

Kallen: You fellas know full well what this badass mother can do!

Lloyd: Are you surprised?
Milly: (blinks) Uhhh...
Lloyd: Matchmaking dates are usually in hotels or restaurants.
Milly: Uh, I suppose that's true, but I'd heard you were a very unique person, Lord Asplund.
Lloyd: (works at computer) Unique! What a delightfully awful way to put it.
Milly: I'm surprised you're interested in a girl from the downgraded Ashford family after it lost its rank.
Lloyd: (turns to Milly) Oho! But I couldn't care less about loss of rank.
Cecile: Excuse me. (sets down a tray of tea for Lloyd and Milly)
Milly: I'm sorry to trouble you.
Cecile: Not at all. Take your time.
Lloyd: No need for that. (resumes working) Why draw it out? Let's get married.
Milly: Huh? (exclaims) That's it?
Lloyd: Getting cold feet?

Prince Clovis: My Friends and fellow citizens of Brittania! And of course the many Elevens who choose to help our glorious empire! Do you understand my heart is torn in two! Part of me is sad but part of me is enraged. However I the steward of Area 11 must stand firm against these terrorists. For this battle is the battle for justice. For justice and happiness of all the people. Now my friends lets offer prayer for those we have lost.
Tv Announcer: A moment of silence.
Leval: Are you going to mourn?
Lelouch: What about you, Leval?
Leval: I'd be embarrassed.
Lelouch: True enough. Besides our tears will not bring back the dead to life.
Leval: Oh, That's cold.
Lelouch: It's all about self-indulgence. No matter how much we try, the world won't change.