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Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 quotes

Lelouch: Yes, I am Zero, the man who leads the Black Knights, who challanges the Holy Britannian Empire; The one who holds the entire world in his hand.

Lelouch: The only ones who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed.

Charles: The former 17th heir to the Imperial Throne, Lelouch vi Britannia. It's been a long time, hasn't it, my errant son?
Lelouch: (struggles to lift his head) How dare you...!
Suzaku: (forces Lelouch's head down) You won't use your Geass.
Suzaku: Your Majesty, I have a request. Please, sire, allow me to join the Knights of the Round, the twelve strongest knights of the Britannian Empire.
Charles: As a reward for capturing Zero, is that it?
Lelouch: You...
Suzaku: I told you before, Lelouch, that I was going to change this world from the inside.
Lelouch: Even if it means selling out your friends?
Suzaku: That's right.
Charles: Very well. I like the answer you just gave him. Now then, as a Knight of the Round I order you: cover up Zero's left eye.
Suzaku: Yes, Your Majesty.
Charles: My unworthy son, who raised the banner of rebellion although he was a prince. Still, there's another way we can make use of him.
Lelouch: (gasps) What?
Charles: (Geass appears in both his eyes) I will rewrite your memory, about being Zero, about the death of your mother, about the very existence of Nunnally.
Lelouch: No... Geass...
Charles: You'll remember none of it. You'll just be insignificant.
Lelouch: (struggling against Suzaku) No, stop! You're stealing what's most precious to me again! First my mother, and now you're taking Nunnally!
Charles: Charles zi Britannia engraves into you...
Lelouch: Stop it!
Charles: False memories of a false life.
Lelouch: (screams in anguish)