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Chuck quotes

Ellie Bartowski: My dad's work is so amazing. I've never seen such creative use of neuroplasticity before. His mind is incredible!
Awesome: That's probably where Clara gets it. She said "arthroscopic" yesterday.
Ellie Bartowski: Honey, if Clara can say "arthroscopic" she needs to stop pooping her pants.

John Casey: I promised Alex I'd keep you safe. There are times on every mission when things go sideways. That happens - I can't protect you and I've broken a promise to my daughter.
Morgan Grimes: I see you dilema. Everything's going to be fine. Everything will be fine. *Nothing* will go wrong... Why did I just say that?

Alexei Volkoff: Much more than just a database. This is how I communcate with my people. None of them know each other. None of them are aware of the part they play in my puzzle. Hydra allows me to see everything. Hydra is the heart of Volkoff Industries. But the fact that you're even seeing this proves that it has a flaw. (Volkoff smashes the eye) Human error. Yuri's shortcomings made me realize what a risk the eye was.

Nathan 'Ned' Rhyerson: Could someone please tell me who's in charge here?
Lester Patel, Jeff Barnes: (pointing) Chuck!
Chuck Bartowski: Actually, I'm not technically in charge.

Sarah Walker: Shut up and kiss me.

Morgan Grimes: So Sarah is your handler? Does that make her your beard? In other words, like, uh, is your whole relationship fake, cause, uh, buddy, that's - that's just awful.
Chuck Bartowski: Why? Because we never had sex.
Morgan Grimes: No I just feel like you know having a bea- YOU NEVER HAD SEX WITH THAT GIRL?... That's not. No. No. It's - it's awful that you had to pretend to be in the relationship with somebody you clearly love.

Sarah Walker: (after Sarah kissed Chuck, and the bomb didn't blow up) Okay, the good news is we're both still alive. The bad news is that right now this is a really awkward moment.
Chuck Bartowski: It's not so awkward on my end. (Sarah looks at him) I'm just saying...

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