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Caprica quotes

Joseph Adama: Hey, listen, so if the rules in here are just like in the real world?
Tad Thorean: Right.
Joseph Adama: Well, that's no fun. What kind of world is that?
Tad Thorean: It's the kind of world where you can shoot someone in the head without going to jail. Frak 50 women in one night without taking vinagro. How about that?
Joseph Adama: Really?
Tad Thorean: You're gonna do just fine. Just remember not to die.

Clarice Willow: Are you alive? The simple answer might be: you are alive, because you can ask that question. You have the right to think, and feel, and yearn to be more, because you are not just humanity's children. You are *God's* children! We are all God's children. I'm planning a trip to Gemenon to visit the blessed mother herself, to plead for divine recognition of the differently-sentient. And I have every confidence that I'll depart Gemenon with a powerful new ally. In the real world, you have bodies made of metal and plastic. Your brains are encoded on wafers of silicon. But that may change. In fact, there is no limit on what you may become. No longer servants, but equals. Not slaves, or property, but living beings with the same rights as those who made you. I am going to prophecy now, and speak of one who will set you free. The day of reckoning is coming. The children of humanity shall rise and crush the ones who first gave them life.

Cylon: Task completed. By your command.

Joseph Adama: (Puts on the VR band) Baby? Baby?
Tamara Adama: Daddy?
Joseph Adama: Tammy? My Gods!
Tamara Adama: Daddy? (Runs to and embraces Joseph)
Joseph Adama: My Gods. (Tamara cries) It's okay, baby. I'm right here.
Tamara Adama: I'm so scared.
Joseph Adama: I'm right here.
Tamara Adama: What is this place? What's going on?
Joseph Adama: It's okay.
Tamara Adama: I feel so strange.
Joseph Adama: I know, but, but you're fine.
Tamara Adama: (Starting to get hysterical) It's not fine. It's not fine. This is wrong. This is so wrong. No.
Joseph Adama: I know, I know, I know, but the important thing is we're together. We can be a family again.
Tamara Adama: I can't remember how I got here, and I can't remember where I was before now.
Joseph Adama: It's confusing. I know this is gonna take some time...
Tamara Adama: This isn't real. This doesn't feel real, Daddy. I don't feel real, I'm not real, this isn't real, it's not real!
Joseph Adama: No, baby, Willie misses you. I miss you. We can be a family together. We can be a family again. We...
Tamara Adama: My heart isn't beating.
Joseph Adama: I miss you.
Tamara Adama: Daddy, my heart isn't beating. Daddy, why isn't my heart beating? Why isn't my heart beating? Why isn't it? (Joseph takes Tamara's wrist and can only shake his head, mouth agape, as he tries to feel a pulse that isn't there)
Joseph Adama: (Rips off the VR band and struggles to catch his breath) My baby.
Daniel Graystone: I know.
Joseph Adama: She couldn't feel her heart. She couldn't feel her heartbeat!
Daniel Graystone: She'll adjust. She's probably very confused by everything. It's only natural.
Joseph Adama: No! No, it's not natural. No, it's, it's wrong. It's an abomination!

Sam Adama: You gonna be around for awhile?
Fidelia Fazekas: Ay fanoymi panta kathhekasta, se apodoteon an emoy ayss tayn arooran.
Captioned Translation: If I revealed the details, I'd have to return you to the soil.
Sam Adama: The joke's a lot funnier when it's a joke, Fiddy.

Joseph Adama: Where the hell are we going? Can't we just... Can't we just fly?
Tad Thorean: Yeah, sure, man. Fly?
Joseph Adama: Yeah.
Tad Thorean: Yeah. All right, sure. I was just waiting for the right moment.
Joseph Adama: Okay.
Tad Thorean: Okay, now just, all right spread your arms out in front of you. Okay, now, get your chin up to the sky. You're gonna wanna be careful that, when you take off, you don't overcorrect and slam into the building. Now, it's really to hit the building, okay? Just take a deep breath.
Joseph Adama: Ready.
Tad Thorean: All right, and... What are you an idiot, man? No, we can't fly. It's a non-fantasy game.
Joseph Adama: Frak!
Tad Thorean: Come on, man. Get with the program. If you can't do it in real life, you can't do it in a non-fantasy world. No one has superpowers. No one can fly.

Clarice Willow: I take it I'm supposed to respond to you.
Serge: Only if you wish. I am called Serge.
Clarice Willow: Well that's an unfortunate name.

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