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CSI NY quotes

Danny Messer: What are some of the most common motives you've seen in your 15 years as D.A., Mr. Hansen?
D.A. Hansen: Motives for what?
Danny Messer: Murder.
D.A. Hansen: I'm not sure I know where this is going.
Danny Messer: Just answer the question.
D.A. Hansen: Money, drugs. Erm...
Danny Messer: And jealousy. The kind of jealousy that builds into a rage that leads to murder.

Det. Lindsay Monroe: (seeing the Vinett's) What do they want?
Detective Mac Taylor: To let us know the clock is ticking.

Hawkes: I'm sorry. I didn't tell anyone because I was embarrassed. I'm smart, educated, and I was duped. And it wasn't like John Simmons or even his boss, Martin Stafford. They just trusted in the economy, and it let them down. Me, I got greedy, tried to play with the big boys, and I got stung.
Danny Messer: It wasn't greed, Sheldon. It's called optimism.
Danny Messer: I've got a spare room. (smiling) And it's not up for negotiation.

Detective Aiden Burn: Give me your hands.
Shaun Deroy: What's the magic word?
Detective Aiden Burn: Hands!
Shaun Deroy: I wonder how much damage I could do in the two seconds it would take that guard to get in here.
Detective Aiden Burn: Palms up!
Shaun Deroy: I believe I asked you a question.
Detective Aiden Burn: And I'm tellin' you to step back!
Shaun Deroy: Why don't you make...
Shaun Deroy: (Screams) I can't feel my ribs!
Detective Aiden Burn: Oh, you will, and it's gonna hurt like a ba*****!

Kendall Novak: (about their evidence) Using an ocular micrometer, I was able to determine the diameter of the wire's 18 gauge. That's typically used in higher notes. Using the contact points, plating separation and an average applied tension of 67 pounds, I was able to figure out what note it is.
Adam Ross: You know what note it is?
Kendall Novak: Yeah. It's an A.

Detective Don Flack: So the neighbors were very helpful. They saw nothing, heard nothing and know nothing. Welcome to my life.

Hawkes: (formulating on the board) Silicon Dioxide plus four molecules of hydrofluoric acid produces...
Danny Messer: Oh me, me, me, pick me! (takes a marker and writes on the board).
Hawkes: That's cold, man.
Danny Messer: (has written N(e)R(d)! on the board)

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