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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century quotes

Major Noah Cooper: (after guiding the squad through the asteroids) Okay, people, start breathing again.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: (spotting enemy fighters on his scanner screen) Stop breathing, we've got company!

Harriet Twain: (after twelve bad practice runs) Maybe we should stick to throwing birthday parties!

Major Marla Landers: Couldn't you get anything out of that man who was following you?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Yeah, I know exactly where they're holding Falina.
Major Marla Landers: Well, that's good news.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: I also found out it's almost impossible to get there without one of four existing keys. I was going to lift one off Sanitation Module Seven, but it doesn't make its rounds until after midnight; and if Morphus is here now, we might as well start packing.
Major Marla Landers: Buck, who else has a key?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: A couple of Velosi's goons.
Major Marla Landers: And Velosi?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Naturally. I can't believe we've come this far and have everything go down the tubes...
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: (seeing a confident beam in Marla's eyes)... everything's NOT going down the tubes?
Major Marla Landers: In about five minutes, we may very well have ourselves that key. Turn around.
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: Why?
Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: (now realizing and thus turning around) Oh!

Zygot: Your turn to go, pro, give me your best shot.
Buck Rogers: All right, catch.
Zygot: Boring, Buck. Boring.
Buck Rogers: Your move, which way you gonna break?
Zygot: Just keep your eyes open, son.

Roxanne Trent: It's been three years since Wilma Deering tried to destroy us! *Three* years. And I dream of that cabin fire almost every night.
Roxanne Trent: (glancing at her artificial hand, a result of the incident three years earlier) The flames, the heat, the pain.
Commander Corliss: (kissing his wife's artificial hand) As do I. We're going to pay them back.
Commander Corliss: Soon all on Earth will be destroyed. (unnoticed by Corliss and Roxanne, also observing the unloading of chemical rounds is Roxanne's deaf-mute servant girl Alicia, whose eyes widen noticeably as she recognizes danger from the mysterious canisters)

Capt. William "Buck" Rogers: No offense, Wilma, but you look like something the cat dragged in, then dragged right out again.
Col. Wilma Deering: Why is it that for once I know exactly what you're talking about?

Princess Ardala: Captain Buck Rogers, meet Captain Buck Rogers.
Buck Rogers: Something you threw together in crafts class, Princess?

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