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Breaking Bad quotes

Walter H. White: (to Jesse) Run!

Walter White: How did you know?
Saul Goodman: I'm sorry?
Walter White: About Skyler. About where to find me just now. How did you know?
Saul Goodman: That's just my meticulousness. Don't bog down in detail, Walt. The lesson here-
Walter White: Did you bug my house?
Saul Goodman: ...Yeah. But I didn't know it was your house, did I? You moved out. Besides, you basically told me to.
Walter White: I told you to?
Saul Goodman: You strongly hinted that I should. You were worried about your wife, remember? You were concerned that she might say something to the police.
Walter White: No, no, that's not true. When the hell did I say that?
Saul Goodman: Let's not get lost in the who, whats and whens. The point is we did our due diligence and she didn't talk. She kept quiet, she stood by you, Walt. Which, if you ask me, is the ironical silver lining here. I mean, on the one hand, sure, she snuck off the reservation to get some dirty damp and deep. On the other-
Saul Goodman: Good! "Oh boo-hoo, I won't cook meth anymore!" You're a crybaby! Who needs you?! Hey, I'm unplugging the website, so no more money laundering! How do you like that?!
Walter White: I want those bugs out of my house today! I want them out now!
Saul Goodman: You just bought a $300 suit, psycho!

Walter White: I don't know. Just...doesn't it seem like...something's missing?
Gretchen: What about the soul?
Walter White: The soul? There's nothing here but chemistry.

Walter White: Pay phone?
Jesse Pinkman: Pay phone, middle of nowhere, nobody followed. So how'd it go?
Walter White: Okay. You?
Jesse Pinkman: They sweated me plenty, but they finally cut me loose. So you getting out of there?
Jesse Pinkman: Yeah, that's the thing, y'know? Your scumbag brother-in-law took my rainy day fund.
Walter White: Your what? What is that?
Jesse Pinkman: My rainy day fund, $68,000, okay? Cue ball son of a bi*** laughed in my face. Now I got, like, 80 bucks to my name.
Walter White: Wait, wait, what does he know? Does he know it's your money?
Jesse Pinkman: No, man, he doesn't know sh**, okay? The plan worked. He bought it. I got bills due, man. I'm screwed.
Walter White: Did he mention my name?
Jesse Pinkman: No, thanks for caring.
Walter White: How about the basement?
Jesse Pinkman: It's clean.
Walter White: And the RV?
Jesse Pinkman: Badger's cousin took it to his garage. It's safe.
Walter White: Can he get it running again?
Jesse Pinkman: Why?
Walter White: So we can cook.
Jesse Pinkman: You still wanna cook? Seriously?
Walter White: What's changed, Jesse?

Jesse Pinkman: (quietly to Jesse) Bet he forgets the aluminum. Guarantee. Guarantee he forgets. (Victor pauses and thinks) Uh-huh. You don't know what the hell you're doing, do you? You forgot the aluminum. One of the first steps. (Victor grabs a bucket of aluminum and pours it into the batch) Son of a bi***.

Jesse Pinkman: Possum. Big, freaky, lookin' bi***. Since when did they change it to opossum? When I was comin' up it was just possum. Opossum makes it sound like he's irish or something. Why do they gotta go changing everything?

Jesse Pinkman: Nah, come on man. Some straight like you, giant stick up his as* at like what, sixty, he's just gonna break bad?

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