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Black Lagoon quotes

Revy: You,fu*****...
Rock: (Grabbing to Revy from her shirt's collar) Don't call me "fu***** "! My Name is Rock! Do you understand? I have enough of this. I've reached my limit! I thought it was over to kiss the as* of my superiors!... And now I'm at the end of the world's kissing the as* of a woman? What kind of sick joke is this?
Revy: You, Insolent son of a...
Rock: (very angry) IT'S ROCK! Insolent? fu** that, you idiot! Aren't you a fugitive?, a wild pirate? But as soon as you open your mouth is "Money, Money, Money, Money"! You think you're a villain after a great prize, but you end up scavenging the corpses! There is a limit to how fu***** greedy can you be! Don't you have some pride in that head of yours?
Revy: (Pushing him to free herself from the grab) Don't try to act the hero, Clerk! (She throws him a cup full of chopsticks) What do you know about me? What the fu** you know, eh? SAY IT! A guy like you, with a life so peaceful, has no fu***** idea how I lived!
Rock: You're right. There is no way that I know that! I'm not you. But let me ask you something (takes off his tie) What do you know about me? No matter how you live, one finds the suffering, isn't it? You don't have the intention to understand that. And when you can't answer, you conveniently become the tragic heroine. That's the most cowardly thing in you!
Revy: SHUT UP! (Kicking and Knocking down the table) You're the one who sees this at your convenience! da**, this is not like those cheap Hollywood films that you like! Pride? fu** that! Look around! There's a pile of sh** everywhere! Robin Hood no longer exists, as*****!
Rock: If there is no Robin Hood, then become a Robin Hood! Is a way of life better than going around crying and whoring!
Revy: Shut up, SHUT THE fu** UP! (draws her other weapon) I'll kill you
Rock: (Without showing afraid of her) Go Ahead, Do it. Keep chasing your tail like a dog. If you kill me here, that will be the proof (At that moment, the police arrive to arrest them)

Rock: Revy, What are you gonna do?
Revy: Rock, let's leave it for later to tell me how is your world. Now I must to concentrate on my world.

Rock: (while he's watching to Revi handling the shootout) She's... smiling

Dutch: Revy! Show them why you're called "Two-Hands"!

Hansel: (while he drags the hostage to the car) He is too heavy, sister.Help me!
Gretel: (Holding a M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle) You're a boy, Brother. Ladies should not carry heavy things. (starts shooting toward the bar)

Rock: Revy, What do you used to do before coming here?
Revy: What I do now and what I did before has not changed.
Revy: (Jokingly) So you were going to swim the river, waving a machete as a kid?
Revy: It's true. I stole, I killed and made a lot of bad things. (Both are left staring uncomfortably silent) Yes, I was screwed.

Rock: (voice-over) I wonder if that is the Stockholm syndrome, is like this big man were the only person on the whole world whom I can trust.

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