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Baywatch quotes

Lt. Mitch Buchannon: (to Stephanie about his ex wife) Gail and I spent our honey moon in Hawaii. Every time I see a volcano erupt, I think of her.

Willy Gilligan: I can't belive this. We're shipwrecked again!
Mary Ann Summers: But at least we're all safe. That's the important thing.
Captain Don Thorpe: Skipper, what are we going to do? I just bought my first corporation. Thorp Corp, and I so wanted to be there this morning for they're putting my name on the door.
Shauni Mcclain: What about the movie? They could give my part to someone else.
Willy Gilligan: You'll get used to that being shipwrecked.
Eddie Kramer: What was that?
Willy Gilligan: You'll get used to that too.

Garner Ellerbee: What's the problem?
Lt. Mitch Buchannon: Uh... we just had a serious ordinance violation committed.
Garner Ellerbee: Wait, you called me here on an ordinance violation?
Lt. Mitch Buchannon: No, I called you here because these ladies' purses were stolen. You commited the ordinance violation.
Garner Ellerbee: Why?
Lt. Mitch Buchannon: What the hell is this thing doing on the beach anyway? People could be trampled out there.
Garner Ellerbee: Oh, never. Mitch, my dad owned a horse ranch in Georgia. I learned to ride horses before I learned to walk. You and your lifeguard trucks are far more dangerous than me and Kojak here. Now, you ladies can tell me what happened.
Lt. Mitch Buchannon: Ugh! Uh, your horse dropped something. Kojak, huh? Telly Savalas never did that.

Entire Cast: Merry Christmas!

Lt. Mitch Buchannon: We're going to Hawaii.

C.J. Parker: It just so happens that I can act! I played Medea in high school!
Lt. Stephanie Holden: Oh yeah? Well, I played Medea in college!

Mitch Buchannon: (comparing best car, best guitarist etc) Best lead singer?
Matt Brody: Are you kidding? David Hasselhoff!
Mitch Buchannon: Well, he's big in... big in Europe.

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