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Battlestar Galactica quotes

Admiral William Adama: What's your offer?
D'Anna Biers: You give us the Eye of Jupiter. We let you go.
Brother Cavil: And... we'll throw in Baltar.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: (to Cavil) What are you talking about now? (to D'Anna) What's he saying?
D'Anna Biers: (to Cavil) Indeed?
Brother Cavil: I am improvising. Throw in something to sweeten the pot. Besides, I suspect the Admiral and Madam President would enjoy some nice, quiet private time with the former leader. Am I right?
Colonel Saul Tigh: Worth thinking about.
Admiral William Adama: Definately worth thinking about.

Dr. Gaius Baltar: (talking about her habit of crying during sex) Don't be sorry. Why should you apologize? You should be thankful. You have an abundance of feeling.
Tory Foster: I really never thought of it like that.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: Well, I mean, you're blessed, aren't you?
Tory Foster: I don't know, I guess. (shrugs) I suppose I could be a Cylon.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: Well, I don't know about that. Human beings don't exclusively hold the patent on suffering. Cylons can feel.
Tory Foster: You believe that?
Dr. Gaius Baltar: Yeah, I do, actually. I've spent time amongst them. Man may have made them, but God's at the beginning of the string, isn't he? It's God who imbued them with a soul. The one true God.
Tory Foster: One God?
Dr. Gaius Baltar: The one true God. You know, I'm becoming increasingly tired of holding that in. Of denying that essential truth.

Romo Lampkin: No man is perfect. No man is less perfect than a candidate for higher office. Thus, the ranks of likely suspects is winnowed to none.
Romo Lampkin: What if we're going about this backwards, hey, Lance? What if, instead of picking names and finding fault, we ask ourselves the qualities that we want? No. No, what we need in a new chief executive and see who fits the that bill.
Romo Lampkin: Honesty, of course. Wisdom to recognize. Correct. If unpopular choice, as well as the courage to see it through. Experience. When the wrong choices cost lives and the right ones save, it's all harder. We might as well spell out one name. (Hisses like a cat) Just one. One we knew from the start.
Romo Lampkin: Sometimes you take on a losing case and you make yourself a believer. Other times, no matter what you tell yourself... in your heart you know the outcome is fixed, and the verdict inevitable. Lance, defense rests. Come on. (Romo leaves the room, his cat-carry bag in hand, and we see the name he wrote: LEE ADAMA)

Number Three: Humans don't respect life the way we do. (Immediately points a gun at an unconscious, unarmed, captive human before Boomer stops her from shooting him)

Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace: Can I be a suspect again? Please?

Racetrack: Been playing with these cards for so long, I know every fold.
Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace: So life's a bi***. What do you want to do, cry about it?
Racetrack: No, I just want it to end, okay? The bad food, the endless rotations, pretending that a card game is the high point of our day.
Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace: It's not going to last forever, all right? Earth is out there.
Racetrack: Right. We could all be chasing our tails over some half-assed planetarium show.
Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace: And you guys can all go to hell. I'm going to go find Helo.
Racetrack: Good idea... maybe that Cylon wh*** taught him a few tricks! (Starbuck calmly turns around, walks over to Racetrack, then violently grabs Racetrack by the neck and slams her head into the card table)

Doctor Gaius Baltar: My name is Gaius Baltar and I am here to help you.

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