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Animaniacs quotes

Dot Warner: My five-year mission is to seek out new worlds and make them cuter.

Yakko Warner: (upon entering the underworld) (in a trance/flatly) all is strange and vague...
Dot Warner: (tranced/flatly) Are we dead?
Yakko Warner: (tranced/flatly) Or is this Ohio...

The Godfather: Show these kids the door.
Yakko Warner: That's ok, we can see it from here.

Yakko Warner: Remember kids, Yakko spelled backwards is Okkay!

Mr. Director: I'm balled over. That was good. You kids got it. You got that special zingy thing. That thing that only comes from here. (Points at Yakko's chest)
Yakko Warner: That's just a spaghetti stain.
Mr. Director: See, that's funny. You're wack-o!
Yakko Warner: No. (Grabs Wakko) This is Wakko.
Mr. Director: You're funny!
Yakko Warner: No, I'm Yakko. And, that's Dot.
Dot Warner: Have we met before?
Mr. Director: (Crazy Voice) Oh! I love these kids! They are so funny! Sweet kids who look like puppies! Flamiel! (Normal voice) Where're you kids going?
Yakko Warner: Gen Murray's house?
Mr. Director: You kids are gonna be in my movie.
Wakko Warner, Dot Warner: (to audience) Movie?
Mr. Director: Who are you talking to?
Yakko Warner: The people watching on TV.
Mr. Director: Peoples? What peoples? (Crazy voice) Hello, nice people in the TV! (Normal Voice) Hey! I don't see any... where'd they go? Ah, there you are! (Crazy Voice) Nice kids, we're with the movie gonna do a thing!
Wakko Warner, Dot Warner: AAAAAAAAAAH! (Try to run out the door)
Ralph The Guard: Duh! Where are they?
Yakko Warner: (Shuts the door) Okay, Mr. Penzoil Head, you talked us into it. We'll do your movie.
Mr. Director: (Crazy voice) Oh1 You'll do! The mov...! You'll do the! Happy! I am! So much! Oil!
Wakko Warner, Dot Warner: (to audience) Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Brain: I'd say puberty was inordinately kind to you.

Queen Elizabeth Ii: Put some elbow into it! We must have this room ready for the banquet tonight! Chop-chop!
Prince Edward: Really Mummy, why do we have to redecorate the banquet room?
Queen Elizabeth Ii: Because we used up the rest of the budget on the rest of the castle. Now back to work!
Princess Anne: I'll never be queen!
Prince Andrew: (holding his paintbrush backwards) My paintbrush doesn't work!
Princess Sarah: Twit.
Queen Mum: I don't want to do this po** anymore! I want some tea!

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