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21 Jump Street quotes

Off. Doug Penhall: Freeze!

Officer Tom Hanson: And where does a kid that age get sixty grand?
Officer Judy Hoffs: Dealing crack.
Captain Adam Fuller: Right. This is Sergeant James Adabo. He's sort of the local expert on the subject of raw cocaine.

Captain Adam Fuller: You don't have to call me sir, I'm not uniform.
Officer Tom Hanson: Good cops like you are always in uniform.

Hanson: Corsage...

Officer Harry Truman Ioki: (referring on Blowfish's role at Jump Street) You ever wonder what he really does around here?
Officer Tom Hanson: He's a janitor.

Hanson, Officer Doug Penhall: (simultaneously, as the McQuaid brothers) Hello! Hah!

Cpt. Jenko: Terrific! Terrific! What the hell are you doing, Hanson?!
Hanson: Making an arrest! Suspect threatened to kill me. (pulls out filled Ziplock bag) But not until I made the purchase. Open and shut. Solicit of sale and we made the exchange. (to the man on the ground) Didn't we, Jase? Didn't we, Jase?!
Cpt. Jenko: Hey, save it. Save it, man. What the hell are you going to charge him with? Illegal sale of a pair of smelly socks?
Hanson: What are you talking about?
Cpt. Jenko: What's this? (pulls out a pair of socks from the Ziplock bag) What's this?! Panama brown? Huh? Hey, why don't you save 'em, pal? I like to wear the ones with the little turtles on the ankle pockets.
Cpt. Jenko: He was burning you, pal! Huh?! Good work, Hanson! Good work, Hanson! Good work, man, good licks! You just used up a punk we've been watching for six months on an ADW, which will be knocked down to brandishing by noon tomorrow! Even a boot like you should know that. (to a uniformed officer) Take him in, Artie.
Hanson: Captain Jenko, look, I'm sorry. I-
Cpt. Jenko: Hey, man, save it. And don't call me "Captain!"
Hanson: Look, I was just trying to do my job here!
Cpt. Jenko: Trying to what? Trying to cowboy the deal is what! Make a big collar, be a real cop. Now, with you being a real cop, I gotta pull Penhall out. Because every punk that's been hanging with Jase'll be able to make him easier than Elton John in a hat shop!

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