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Skiing quotes

Lord Mancroft
There are really only three things to learn in skiing: how to put on your skis, how to slide downhill, and how to walk along the hospital corridor.

Erma Bombeck
I do not participate in any sport with ambulances at the bottom of the hill.

Kevin Andrews
Gotta use your brain, it's the most important part of your equipment.

Dave Barry
Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.

Tim Cahill
The sensual caress of waist deep cold smoke.. glory in skiing virgin snow, in being the first to mark the powder with the signature of their run.

Steven Wright
Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.

Michael Ventre
I think my favorite sport in the Olympics is the one in which you make your way through the snow, you stop, you shoot a gun, and then you continue on. In most of the world, it is known as the biathlon, except in New York City, where it is known as winter.

Dave Barry
Snowboarding is an activity that is very popular with people who do not feel that regular skiing is lethal enough.. I now realize that the small hills you see on ski slopes are formed around the bodies of forty-seven-year-olds who tried to learn snowboarding.

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