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Illusion quotes

Oscar Wilde
Illusion is the first of all pleasures.

Bertrand Russell
A hallucination is a fact, not an error what is erroneous is a judgment based upon it.

Alexander Herzen
People who have realized that this is a dream imagine that it is easy to wake up, and are angry with those who continue sleeping, not considering that the whole world that environs them does not permit them to wake. Life proceeds as a series of optical illusions, artificial needs and imaginary sensations.

Margaret J. Wheatley
Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone

Arthur Koestler
Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion.

Lillian Hellman
It is not good to see people who have been pretending strength all their lives lose it even for a minute.

George Eliot
For what we call illusions are often, in truth, a wider vision of past and present realities -a willing movement of a man's soul with the larger sweep of the world's forces -a movement towards a more assured end than the chances of a single life.

Cyril Connolly
We must select the Illusion which appeals to our temperament and embrace it with passion, if we want to be happy.

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