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Charm quotes

Anthony Trollope
Marvelous is the power which can be exercised, almost unconsciously, over a company, or an individual, or even upon a crowd by one person gifted with good temper, good digestion, good intellects, and good looks.

Oscar Wilde
It's absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.

Henri Frederic Amiel
Charm is the quality in others that makes us more satisfied with ourselves.

Ella Baker
I have always felt it was a handicap for oppressed peoples to depend so largely upon a leader, because unfortunately in our culture, the charismatic leader usually becomes a leader because he has found a spot in the public limelight...

Gore Vidal
If most men and women were forced to rely upon physical charm to attract lovers, their sexual lives would be not only meager but in a youthworshiping country like America painfully brief.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The charm, one might say the genius, of memory is that it is choosy, chancy and temperamental it rejects the edifying cathedral and indelibly photographs the small boy outside, chewing a hunk of melon in the dust.

Marcus Valerius Martialis
Rarity gives a charm so early fruits and winter roses are the most prized and coyness sets off an extravagant mistress, while the door always open tempts no suitor.

Oliver Herford
Modesty is the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it.

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