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Zookeeper quotes

Pizza Guy: Okay, let's review your order, you want 64 meat lover pizzas and 32 caesar salads, can we interest you in our fudge roll?
Bernie the Gorilla: (Bernie turns to Barry who shakes his head yes) Yes.

TGIF Waitress: And you, sir?
Bernie the Gorilla: Thirty oranges.

Griffin Keyes: How long have you been able to talk?
Donald the Monkey: Let's see, today's Tuesday so... always.

Griffin Keyes: (about Kate leaving) Oh, man, it's my fault. I blew it.
Joe the Lion: No, it's my fault. I was the one who told you to be someone you're not.
Janet the Lioness: No, you know what? It's my fault. I was so worried you were gonna leave, I wasn't thinking about you.
Donald the Monkey: It's not my fault. I said throw po** at her. That always works.

Bernie the Gorilla: (after seeing T.G.I. Friday's in person for the first time) Shut up.

Stephanie: Griffin Constantine Keyes... Mm! The changes I've seen in you these past few weeks have been nothing short of remarkable. And I've been doing a little soul searching, and I did a mistake five years ago on that beach, and I wanna correct it. So... (pulls out an engagement ring)
Stephanie: Will you...
Griffin Keyes: Yeah, not gonna happen.
Stephanie: What?
Griffin Keyes: Come on, you had to see this coming. When we first started dating, you assumed I was gonna turn into the type of guy that you always dreamed about. But you know what? I don't like that guy. I don't like this job, I... (turns to Dave)
Griffin Keyes: don't, bro, I'm sorry...
Dave: It's not...
Griffin Keyes: Yeah, this I love. But we'll always have this, you know? I love you, right?
Dave: Yeah...
Griffin Keyes: Okay, good. (turns back to Stephanie)
Griffin Keyes: I don't like this suit. I don't like our Chintaki chairs...
Stephanie: It's Chintoko.
Griffin Keyes: Either one, I don't like them. I don't like the fact that I can't understand 90 percent of the stuff you talk about! But most of all... I hate who I have become.

Sebastian the Wolf: (as Griffin bathes him) Lather, rinse, repeat.

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