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Yours Mine and Ours quotes

Dylan North: You couldn't get elected hall monitor for this.

Helen North: So... How many kids do you have?
Frank Beardsley: Uh... How many kids do you have?
Helen North: You first
Frank Beardsley: Okay, look. You're going to find out eventually because there's too many to hide in the closet. I have eight kids.
Helen North: (laughs) I have ten.
Frank Beardsley: You have ten?
Helen North: I have ten. (laughs)

Phoebe North: (to Christina) Come on, I have to get ready for school. Your face isn't big enough to hold that much make up.

William Beardsley: Okay, phase two. I think that we just need one more big thing to push them over the edge.
Dylan North: (to William) Have them catch you and Phoebe together?
Christina Beardsley: You're really sick.
Dylan North: (to Christina) Okay, then have them catch you and Phoebe together.
Phoebe North: How about they catch me with my hands around your neck?

Ethan: William wait, wait.
William Beardsley: What!
Ethan: Please, I don't want to lose another mommy.

Harry Beardsley: Oh my God, who's killing a goat?

Dylan North: Yeah, somebody might actually think your cool, If they didn't know you.
William Beardsley: Ha! That's funny!

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