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White Noise quotes

Mirabelle Keegan: (after reading Jonathans palm) The spirits don't want you here...

Mirabelle Keegan: Okay... Uhh... Uhmm... They are showing me something. It's uhmm... It's Uhh... Willow Avenue. They are showing me Willow Avenue. Yes?
Jonathan Rivers: No.
Mirabelle Keegan: Hmm... Okay. It's no problem. Sometimes it happens. Your wife, she past over recently. Her passing was difficult.
Jonathan Rivers: Yeah.
Mirabelle Keegan: She was Uhm. She's a writer, she was a writer. Yeah, her words are important. Oh... uh... God... I'm sorry. It's just the light... it's just, it's way to bright. It's like these tiny noisy little pinpoints it's hard to see anything at all. Uh... Can you...
Jonathan Rivers: It's Electronical voice phenomenon.
Mirabelle Keegan: Yeah, I know what this is.
Jonathan Rivers: Well, I've been making these tapes...
Mirabelle Keegan: Yeah, you know, you shouldn't, you shouldn't be trying this by yourself, it's not safe. It's like homemade ouji boards, and and and teenage seances at halloween. E.V.P. is not good, you have to understand that we spend years developing our relationships with our guides so that we can protect you.
Jonathan Rivers: From what?
Mirabelle Keegan: From the ones who like damage. Because they are out there and they will find you. If you're going to keep doing this, if you insist on meddling, then...
Jonathan Rivers: Anna, my wife, she sent me a sign, I just...
Mirabelle Keegan: No, No, not Anna. You are misreading everything. Listen to me. It is one thing to contact the dead, and it is another thing to meddle, and you are meddling.
Jonathan Rivers: I just came because I wanted some help...
Mirabelle Keegan: Okay... I know, I know, and I can help you. It's just that they are urging me to tell you to stop.

Mirabelle Keegan: Listen to me. It is one thing to contact the dead, it is another thing to meddle, and you are meddling.

Jonathan Rivers: (Anna has just gotten off the phone with John's ex-wife) What did she say?
Anna Rivers: She said she can't make it.
Mike Rivers: Does that mean I get to skip school?
Anna Rivers: No, it means I take you instead. Nice try.
Jonathan Rivers: Was good try, though...

Sarah Tate: I've heard what I wanted to hear.

Raymond Price: (after John hears a ghost cursing at them) There are some very bad people out there. They can't all be Anna.

Jonathan Rivers: You were outside my house and now you're outside my office, so do me a favor, don't insult my intelligence by telling me it's some sort of coincidence.

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