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White Nights quotes

Pilot: (over the P.A) Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? This is the Captain speaking. We have developed electrical problems, and we have to land immediately. There is a Soviet military airfield about 75 miles from here...
Anne Wyatt: (half asleep) Where are we? Are we landing? (Kolya runs to the lavatory to destroy his identity papers)
Anne Wyatt: Where are you going?
Nikolai 'Kolya' Rodchenko: What do you mean? We're landing in Russia!

Colonel Chaiko: Modern man is so confused, Raymond. Finally, it's much better to work in the theater... than in a mine.

Captain Kirigin: Colonel, there's something I think you should hear
Colonel Chaiko: (beat) Later. I'm busy.
Captain Kirigin: But sir ...
Colonel Chaiko: (raising his voice) Captain Kirigin, can't you see I'm busy?
Captain Kirigin: (smiles knowingly at Raymond) Very well, Colonel. (beat)
Captain Kirigin: Later.

Nikolai 'Kolya' Rodchenko: It wouldn't be right ...
Galina Ivanova: Right? You knew what was right?
Nikolai 'Kolya' Rodchenko: I was suffocating here! You knew it!
Galina Ivanova: When they told me you had defected to the West, they couldn't believe that you would leave without telling me. I couldn't believe it either.
Nikolai 'Kolya' Rodchenko: I'm sorry.
Galina Ivanova: They took away my passport. For four years I wasn't allowed to travel.And for three years, they would take me to the big house to answer their questions. Every day, the same, stupid questions!
Nikolai 'Kolya' Rodchenko: You answered well. You're an important person, with power. I hear you drive a Mercedes now.
Galina Ivanova: And what do you ride, Kolya? A donkey? Yes, I rebuilt my life! I was supposed to throw everything away so that you could live in Disneyland?

Nikolai 'Kolya' Rodchenko: Please inform American embassy that I am here. I am an American citizen.
Colonel Chaiko: What you call yourself is of no concern to us. Here, you're just a criminal.
Nikolai 'Kolya' Rodchenko: The world will demand that you hand me over.
Colonel Chaiko: The world. The world is overjoyed that we allowed a plane to land. We saved hundreds of lives. Only four people died.
Nikolai 'Kolya' Rodchenko: Who? What were the names?
Colonel Chaiko: Don't worry. Don't worry. Your promoter was not hurt. I sent her home, along with the others. I'll explain your condition to her.
Nikolai 'Kolya' Rodchenko: My condition? What condition? I demand that you let me out of here!
Colonel Chaiko: You demand? Rodchenko, I always admired you as a dancer. You're a great dancer.

Raymond Greenwood: Don't do this! He's just a go***** dancer!
Colonel Chaiko: Yes, I agree, not worth her life, is he? Vshtay!

Nikolai 'Kolya' Rodchenko: I see. You and your wife, you worke in the theater. And you live here... in Siberia.
Raymond Greenwood: It's just temporary.
Nikolai 'Kolya' Rodchenko: (dryly) Of course. Nobody is here permanently.