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White Chicks quotes

Latrell Spencer: How did you know? I love this song!

Marcus Copeland: Hey, baby.
Gina: Don't "hey, baby" me. I can't believe you have me sitting here all night worried about you.
Marcus Copeland: All night? Baby, it's only 8:00. Look, after work, me and Kevin went down to the bar and had a couple of drinks.
Gina: I know. I called the bar. They said you left at 7:45. I checked MapQuest. It only takes 6 minutes to get there from here. So, if you got somebody one the side, Marcus, you need to tell me.
Marcus Copeland: Baby, listen to what you just say. MapQuest said it takes 6 minutes to get here. I got here in 8. Which means there's 2 minutes unaccounted for. If I was cheating on you, don't you think I'd need more than 2 minutes? (Gina gives Marcus a dirty look)
Marcus Copeland: You know what? I ain't going to deal with this. I'm tired, okay? I had a long day at work. I got shot at.
Gina: See, that is exactly what I'm talking about. We don't communicate.
Marcus Copeland: Okay, fine. You wanna communicate.
Gina: Yes.
Marcus Copeland: Come on. Let's communicate. Okay?
Gina: Okay. Let's start with last week.
Marcus Copeland: Last week.
Gina: You and I were supposed to go shopping together. We get to the mall. I buy this beautiful dress, I get my hair done. You don't say anything. I don't know, maybe you just want to... (Marcus falls asleep)
Gina: Marcus! Did you here me just now?
Marcus Copeland: Mm-hmm.
Gina: Tell me what I said.
Marcus Copeland: I heard everything. You was communicating
Gina: Marcus, don't play with me right now. I am not in the mood. I cannot believe you came home late and then you start... Marcus! You are falling asleep again. I am talking to you. (Marcus falls asleep again)
Marcus Copeland: I wasn't asleep, baby, I was closing my eyes and visualing your words.
Gina: Oh, really? Visualizing? Well, why don't you pant me a picture of what I just said
Marcus Copeland: Hold on.
Gina: Mm-mm. You know why? Because you are falling asleep again. Marcus! Marcus!

Marcus Copeland: I don't see why I gotta go out with Buffy the White Girl Slayer

Marcus Copeland: Look King Kong. Why don't you take you and your "1980 pick-up lines", climb all the way up to the top of the Empire State building, beat on your big old monkey chest and then jump off? Excuse me.

Marcus Copeland: Triple t, k, a. Time to totally kick as*!

Tori: I am so glad I got waxed today.
Karen: Ugh, me too. What did you get?
Tori: The Bald Eagle.
Karen: I got the Bermuda Triangle.
Lisa: The Landing Strip.
Marcus Copeland: (as Tiffany Wilson) I got the Buckwheat.
Karen: Ewww, that's sick.
Marcus Copeland: (as Tiffany Wilson) Ahh, what a beautiful sunny day! (shadow falls over body)
Marcus Copeland: Oh, my God, what happened to the sun? Ahh!
Latrell Spencer: Easy white chocolate, I wouldn't want you to melt.
Marcus Copeland: (as Tiffany Wilson) Yeah, hasta la vista Schwarzenegro. Okay, bye.

Kevin Copeland: (chaseing and tackling Purse Snatcher) Gimme that.
Purse Snatcher: Jesus, lady! All this for just a hand bag?
Kevin Copeland: It's not "just" a hand bag. It's Prada!

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