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What Happens in Vegas quotes

Hater: Lavender, you get on my head.

Jack Fuller: It's like you're trying to come in first, but it's someone else's race.

Joy McNally: Is there any part of the night, I don't know, maybe say the part where I was about to marry the rebound guy, that you thought, 'hey oh my God, this is a really good time for an intervention'?
Tipper: (extremely hungover) Seriously?
Joy McNally: Yeah.
Tipper: I like... threw up in my own purse... so...

Tipper: You know what? I can get a couple of my brother's loser as* friends to go over to Mason's apartment , knock on the door and when he opens it wham! They'll junk-punch him all up in his man business and he'll fall to the floor whaling and crying "why?" and then we'll say "you know why!"
Joy McNally: Wow! Did you just make that up?
Tipper: No, I thought about it a lot on the way over

Hater: I'm the law, bi***!

Dave the Bear: Do you even know how to drive an automatic?

Jack Fuller Sr.: You're like a son to me.
Jack Fuller: Dad, I am your son.

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