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We re the Millers quotes

Rose O'Reilly: Lord, we thank thee for the blessing of this family vacation. May David find his bliss and bring us all back home safely. May Kenny and Casey fortify their sibling bond over the warm glow of our devoted hearts. And may this entire airplane find safe passage and a bountiful life. Even the Jews. Amen.

Kenny Rossmore: Hey, David.
David Clark: Hi, Kenny.
Kenny Rossmore: So, I heard you and Mrs. O'Reilly fighting.
David Clark: It's called flirting, Kenny. You'll learn about it in college. What the hell are you doing up? It's almost two. Where's your mom?
Kenny Rossmore: Uh, she went for a drink with a friend.
David Clark: When?
Kenny Rossmore: Last week.

David Clark: We are NOT the fu***** Brady Bunch, alright! I'm Marky Mark and y'all are the *Funky Bunch*!

Kenny Rossmore: (Sees Casey being harassed by thugs on the street) Hey! Leave her alone! (Running to the rescue)
Kenny Rossmore: Unhand her!

Rose O'Reilly: You're making $500,000 and giving me only $30,000?
Casey Mathis: $30,000? I'm only getting $1,000!
Kenny Rossmore: You guys are getting paid?

Rose O'Reilly: You're such a di**. Have fun dying alone, jerk.
David Clark: Yeah, have fun digging out those singles from your crotch!
Rose O'Reilly: My crotch only takes twenties, David.

Todd - Strip Club Owner: Hey, Rose, I know you're (air-quotes)
Todd - Strip Club Owner: "technically" on break, but I need a lap dance. Table five. Just don't get too close. The guy has two hook-hands.
Rose O'Reilly: (sighs) How did we let that guy back in here?
Todd - Strip Club Owner: I don't know. He must've picked the locks. (Chuckles)

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