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Waterworld quotes

Helen: Did you see anything out there?
Mariner: See what?
Helen: An end, to all this water?
Mariner: That old woman they buried today? She found the only end there is.

Depth Gauge: Sir? Your Deaconship? Good day! Or night. Whatever the case may be...
Deacon: What is it? I'm a busy man.
Depth Gauge: I thought you should know. There's exactly nine feet and four inches of THE BLACK STUFF... (the Deacon spits on the Depth Gauge's head)
Depth Gauge: Oh, thank you!

Enola: You're not so tough, you know that? How many people have you killed? Ten? Twenty?
Mariner: You talk a lot.
Enola: I talk a lot because you don't talk at all. Now, how many?
Mariner: Including little girls?
Enola: I'm not afraid of you. I told Helen you wouldn't be so ugly if you cut your hair.
Mariner: In fact, you talk all the time. It's like a storm when you're around!

Deacon: Don't just stand there, kill something!

Nord: So which way we rowin'?
Deacon: I don't have a go***** clue. Don't worry, they'll row for a month before they figure out I'm fakin' it.

Nord: (to the Mariner) You should have stayed under water.

Deacon: Maybe he doesn't answer to Chuck. Call him Charles.

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