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WarGames quotes

McKittrick: It might help to beef up security around the W.O.P.R.

Radar Analyst Kirkland: Inbounds presently MIRV-ing. We now have approximately twenty-four possible targets in track.
Colonel Joe Conley: Sir, new time to impact: eight minutes.
Major Dawes: (hands Beringer a telephone) Sir, SAC is launching the bombers. General Powers is on the line.
General Beringer: (into the telephone) Beringer. (pause)
General Beringer: go***** it! We didn't get a launch detection from our satellite! (pause)
General Beringer: No, no. Radar picked 'em up already out of the atmosphere. That's the first we heard of it. (Beringer gives phone back to his aide, Major Dawes)
General Beringer: (to Colonel Conley) Get the ICBMs in the bullpen warmed up and ready to fly.
General Beringer: (to Major Dawes) Get me the President on the horn.

Joshua: Shall we play a game?
David Lightman: Oh!
Jennifer: (giggles) I think it missed him.
David Lightman: Yeah. Weird isn't it?
Jennifer: Yeah.
David Lightman: (typing) Love to. How about Global Thermonuclear War?
Joshua: Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess? (Jennifer laughs)
David Lightman: (typing) Later. Let's play Global Thermonuclear War.
Joshua: Fine.

Major Lem: (D.S.P. registers a massive launch from Soviet ICBM fields) We have a launch detection. We have a Soviet launch detection.
Colonel Joe Conley: BMEWS confirms a massive attack.
Major Lem: Missile Warning - no malfunction.
Radar Analyst Kirkland: Confidence is high. I repeat, confidence is high.
Colonel Joe Conley: Negative, this is not an exercise.
General Beringer: (points at the C.C.P.D.S. screen) Tell me this is another one of your simulations, Mr. McKittrick.
McKittrick: It's not, Jack.
General Beringer: Alright. Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode. We are at DEFCON 1.
Major Lem: (buzzer sounds) DEFCON 1.

Jennifer: What is it doing?
David Lightman: It's learning.

General Beringer: Goddammit, I'd pi** on a spark plug if I thought it'd do any good!

McKittrick: Excuse me, sir. We can't send these men back to the President of the United States with a lot of head-shrinker horseshit!

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