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War of the Worlds quotes

Ray Ferrier: Don't you get it? We're under attack!

Rachel Ferrier: I'm allergic to peanut butter.
Ray Ferrier: Since when?
Rachel Ferrier: Birth.

Rachel Ferrier: When it's ready, my body will just push it out.

Ogilvy: (to Ray) Who knows? Maybe you will survive... Maybe they'll take you as a pet or something. Teach ya how to do tricks.

Rachel Ferrier: ...Got a splinter.
Ray Ferrier: Where'd you get it? Come here.
Rachel Ferrier: (Heads over to Ray) On your porch railing...
Ray Ferrier: Let me take that out.
Rachel Ferrier: Absolutely not!
Ray Ferrier: Come here! Let me see it.
Rachel Ferrier: (Rachel shows him the splinter, trying not to let him grab her hand)
Rachel Ferrier: Dad, just look at it. Don't touch it... dad!
Ray Ferrier: I can't... you're moving it.
Rachel Ferrier: Okay, but don't touch it! Just look at it.
Ray Ferrier: ...It's gonna get infected.
Rachel Ferrier: No, it won't.
Ray Ferrier: Yes, it's gonna get infected.
Rachel Ferrier: No it won't!... When it's ready, my body'll just push it out.
Ray Ferrier: Push it out, huh?
Rachel Ferrier: I read that... You should get Tivo. Tim got it for my room. It's awesome. I watch all my shows after homework.
Ray Ferrier: Yeah, just put it on my, uh, platinum card... Robbie? Robbie! (Ray dips a piece of food in the hummus, disgusted)
Ray Ferrier: What... what is that?
Rachel Ferrier: Hummus.
Ray Ferrier: Hummus?
Rachel Ferrier: From the healthfood place. Kept one of the menues last time we were here. (Ray nods his head)
Rachel Ferrier: (Scoffs) You said order!
Ray Ferrier: I meant order *food*.

Ray Ferrier: Robbie, you want to go in that direction? There is nothing *living* in that direction!
Robbie Ferrier: What do you care? You never gave a sh** before! You never gave a sh**!
Ray Ferrier: Okay, hard-as*. You're in charge now? So what's your plan?
Robbie Ferrier: We catch up with these soldiers, and we head back there, and we get back at them! We get back at them!
Ray Ferrier: Okay, now come up with a plan that doesn't involve your 10-year-old sister joining the Army! You got anything like that?
Robbie Ferrier: Why don't you tell the truth? You don't know where to go! You only chose Boston because you hope Mom is there; You hope she is there, and then you can dump us on her! Then you will only have to care about yourself, which is exactly the way you like it!

Ray Ferrier: Two for you, two for Robbie, two for me... One for the house.

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